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Lumbar sarcous takes exercise, need to carry the kind of a few motion of course, take lumbar muscle seriously to take exercise, the line that allows a figure just is met more strong and handsome, and the twist of barbell sitting position that introduces below, or flat is propped up etc, these exercise achieved result to had been compared.

The method that lumbar muscle exercises

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1, turn of barbell sitting position

Exercise purpose: Make inclined flesh closer outside the abdomen send.

Behavioral essentials: Sit in the one aspect of the matter of bench, double foot is smooth be put on the ground and part cozily. a straight lever horizontal stroke wearing is at the back of double shoulder, both hands handholds its two end. Maintain the head to be not moved, ensure your pelvis won’t be slip on bench, to a direction easy ground, turn substantially as far as possible your upper part of the body and shoulder.

Later, period of time holds on the pose that turns to the limit, the trunk that lets you again and shoulder turn substantially to another direction as far as possible. Below the control that makes whole act complete be in you, is not to sway casually the body. This movement contracted outside the abdomen inclined flesh, but did not use extra instruction, so it can maintain an abdomen outside of inclined flesh send closely, but won’t raise an additional head, let your lumbar thickening.

The method that lumbar muscle exercises

2, flat is propped up

Exercise purpose: Opposite ground can drill lumbar abdomen and ham buttock theseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Core muscle.

Behavioral essentials: 1, the head, go up back, hip maintains point-blank

2, elbow is located in shoulder lower part, rear live with crural fastigium

3, hip, abdomen exerts oneself to do sth. take up

The method that lumbar muscle exercises

3, swim type straighten one’s back

Exercise a purpose: You Shiting body (ContraLateral Superman) , lie with Fu some are alike in spirit since both ends, but basically be exercise the waist from diagonal angle, of the hands or feet when some resemble crawl cooperate (left hand right leg, rightForum of Shanghai night net

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Hand left foot) will maintain body balance. Basically exercise perpendicular backbone muscle (after waist or next backs)

Behavioral essentials: 1. Fu lies, extend body, double leg and double arm to all around sufficient extend. Spin spinalForum of Shanghai noble baby

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, extend arm, shoulder and double leg are small leave the area.

2. abdomen and hip are tightened up, keep cervical, rachis is not moved point-blank into, slowly drive up left hand and right leg, reductive to horizontal, change the right hand and left leg drive up, maintain double leg and both hands from beginning to end flesh is not carried on the back after be born takes exercise group coxal.

4, how to exercise lumbar muscle

Fu lies since both ends

Exercise a purpose: Basically exercise perpendicular backbone muscle (hind waist or next backs) , Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Also can take exercise to musculus glutaeus maximus

Behavioral essentials: Loosen ground Fu completely to lie, arm to unbend of head upper part, double leg unbend, inspiratory when arm and leg carry up at the same time from the groundShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Face, control a little again slowly expiratory loosen.

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