Internet + game? ” Xi Chuba king ” mercenary trades platform is formal on line

Electric business grows flourishingly, go to consumer belt not only convenient, it is to let many businessman purse be roused more. Netease is brand-new warlike net swims ” Xi Chuba king ” take the lead in applying Internet thinking, system of electronic business affairs introduces in fictitious world, the Internet informatization that drives fictitious world goes before in big strides.

To make ” Xi Chuba king ” the recruit of the mercenary system of original creation more convenient, information is more transparent, get to let employer more the service of meticulously, let mercenary can earn more money, brand-new mercenary electron trades platform is in eventually ” Xi Chuba king ” go up formally line. 100 thousand mercenary, accept the order day and night!

The whole nation is at war to also need not be battle force inadequacy to feel alarmed again, drop drop hits person mercenary electron to trade platform will offer B2B a large amount of buying service. Does prewar evening face the nation who says an enlarge an army cannot? Kingly, before Wei Zaiguo battle begins, can trade in mercenary electron too demand information is released on platform, raise commission corps requirement clearly, this demand news will be pushed in sending each commission corps the hand, after mercenary group grabs only success can acceding state battle, count main forces to listen to your assign!

Exceed inviting welfare to raid! To give aid to in can last of Home Xiaoguo development, if national power is weaker, the treasury is critical, the government goes money to let you hire large unit, before 5 sheet are completely free!

” Xi Chuba king ” drop drop hits person electron to trade platform is faced not only be about to blow country war builds up the big client of date, what can offer 1V1 for every individual user more is exclusive and custom-built change a service. No matter you are,feel vexed air got in familial conflict, still hang be defended by enemy state assassin in machine cadaver, also or it is darts car is broken aflame with passion, you can be in ” Xi Chuba king ” in open a drop to hit person electron to trade platform, at any time and place recruit mercenary resolves irritated concern for you!

If your concern paid middleman’s fee but does mercenary handle affairs how should not do one’s best do? ” Xi Chuba king ” do not be restricted date adds double insurance newly to escort the Emperor for consumer convoy!

The first heavy insurance: tripartite pays platform mercenary treasure to intervene, serve dissatisfactory entire section to be returned without reason! No matter of your choice is B2B service or B2C custom-built service, after demand gives out the sheet that be grabbed, commission won’t pay mercenary the group directly, can delimit as bail tripartite pays what platform serves as bilateral credence to assure however. Serve end hind in mercenary group only, employer affirms receive money, commission just can pay actually.

The 2nd heavy insurance: The credence with visible data evaluates a system. In the country in battle battle royal, supervise each mercenary to attend a war roundly circumstance indeed difficult. ” Xi Chuba king ” drop drop hits person electron to trade platform rolls out data visible evaluate program, after battle ends the state, of each mercenary group attend a war effectively number, attack reduce an amount Dou Nengqing clear is visible. No matter be,employer ill will bilks Zhang to be able to pass number to occupy effective monitoring! Whether is mercenary group obtained reputably, the award that when the influence is recruited next time, wins directly, and if group of a mercenary is accumulated,take difference to judge, will enter close down to rectify, 3 cannot accept the order in the day!

To mercenary, besides can receive person money, calamity of the disappear that replace a person earns middleman’s fee besides, can achieve rich and generous earnings through entering war of exotic nation country more. In the country murder of exert to one’s utmost is added more in battle, drop drop hits person electron to trade after settle accounts platform will be additional offer more homicide subsidy. When mercenary group is executing the mission but the cold blood killer of reincarnate mystery, of the cruel that use dazzle dress up the style making a group with carry out comfortable and free travel.

Netease is brand-new warlike net swims ” Xi Chuba king ” open was not restricted on March 25 a test, all players have an opportunity to join troubled times of end of the Qin Dynasty, with brother a white hand makes the world, become national host, achievement most of the man do poineering work!

The way plays in what innovate in the round in, player aux will be able to gains the the stereoest, realest war experience, can pass already formic add attack city, 10 thousand people to rush blast, the; of oblivious of oneself passion in entering a battle also can kiss all previous what 18 groups political power adds up to Zong Lianheng is baronial and narrative, the tactics planning; that plays backside of field of fight in some places one by one still can become to go alone mercenary, change cumshaw with 10 thousand lis of country.

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