PS4K and new XB1? Shopkeeper GameStop alludes new leader to will come

Mix all along Suo Ni, the GameStop with the hardware manufacturer close cooperation such as Microsoft, looked into new leader recently, allude the possibility of existence. Although there are all sorts of talks about new leader recently, if the high level that if be GameStop,does not cross makes known his position, so reliability is very high.

Day of the closest PSVR put on sale is a very good example. Put on sale is announced formally in Suo Ni a few days ago, the player thinks can be in first half of the year put on sale, but GameStop tall nozzle said fall by accident. Suo Ni announced the day of put on sale of PSVR formally later, the result still is autumn really (in October) .

Go up in the investor congress of GameStop recently, COO Tony Bartel says: Although we are done not have,we are revealed to anticipate to the growth of prospective new hardware to everybody on today’s conference, but we special the arrival of the new leader in expecting VR and hearsay, especially latter came quickly it seems that.

The new leader that GameStop COO mentions here should be the very fierce PS4K that passes recently and lead plane of new Xbox One. Confirming to Eurogamer of the intermediary outside PS 4K is true. And the new leader to Xbox One, xbox old states they will shorten before this the time that new leader changes, allude new leader to had been on the road. Of coincidence is, the day before yesterday Brazilian FCC exposure the model of lead plane of one Zhang Xin Xbox One, doubt is like is Xbox One Slim.

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