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Qigong is the sport that a kind of our country’s peculiar cultivate one’s morality raises a gender, its characteristic is need not move intensely to just can achieve the goal that take exercise, and return can rise to improve the health the action with health care of preserve one’s health. Having a lot of people to qigong of China preserve one’s health actually still is not to understand very much, of qigong those who exercise a method to also have a lot of is exquisite, the person that need is contacted masters well. So, what does the exercise method of qigong of China preserve one’s health have?

What does the exercise method of qigong of China preserve one's health have

Preserve one’s health is enraged result

True energy of life runs a way is ego of a kind of static result guides lead a way, basically cease through attune of wirh fixed attention, implantation is really angry, connect main and collateral channels in order to a string of 1000 cash, recuperation yin and yang enrages blood, and amount to prevent disease to treat a disease, the effect of the prolong life. This result method by basis of close person Li Shaobo ” the classics inside Huang Di ” academic, adopted ” method of meritorious service of weeks of small weather ” wait for archaic qigong preserve one’s health to treat a disease experience, combinative oneself carries out an experience to arrange and become. It is not difficult to drill, want to practice by the requirement only, won’t deviate. Drill measure orderlies, each respond or effect but card, remedial limits also more extensive.

Beneficial of China preserve one’s health wisdom qigong basic content

() acrobatics looks style

Sit in order to make the same score type is given priority to, stool can add soft pad on chair face, requirement stool chair sits the 1/2 of the tall; hip such as face and crus, 1/3 sits at stool face, two sufficient parallel, thenar touchdown, as perpendicular as crus, crus and ham are perpendicular, ham and the upper part of the body are perpendicular two genu of; span two fists are wide, on ham of buy of Fu of nature of two tactics palm, two shoulders pine hangs down, contain a bosom to unplug back, if the top of head is dangerous, mandible is small close, the tongue is touched on palate, buccal eye is shut gently, two inspect inside the eye, ear listens breath. Be like wont dish the person that sit, dish sit Yi KeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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. After Xiu Xichun is ripe, stand, lie, sit, row all but.

(2) breath with idea

This therapeutics breath law is to suck bazoo to breathe out nasally. Acrobatics initial stage, idea simply attention is expiratory, accomplish deep, long, fine, divide evenly as far as possible, and inspiratory when criterion let it have its swing, do not need any idea. As the development of acrobatics, breath and idea are neededShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Adjust appropriately.

(3) close result

Practise his skill every time before the end, loosen idea first, the palm comes relative to attrition hot, if wash face shape rub facial number week, after making spirit restores normality, rise slowly activity can.

The first pace: Nest of expiratory attention heart

Acrobatics be all set, namely small close double key point, look attentively at nose pointed moment first, shut then heart nest ministry is inspected inside eye, ear listens breath, do not make phonic. Idea is followed every time expiratory from ministry of nest of heart of laryngeal make known to lower levels, as far as possible gradually rein in, put long, every time expiratory time, with minutely breathe out 8, 12 advisable. Inspiratory when let it have its swing, without read aloud without knowledge. When acrobatics if have distracting thoughts, should use several breath legal system: Simply number is expiratory, from 1, 10, farewell head from 1, 10, undertake repeatedly, distracting thoughts is appeased, need not count namely breath. This pace acrobatics time every say 3 times, every time 20 minutes. Secure every to say as far as possible acrobatics time, form conditional reflex easily. Be like the person that cannot secure time, criterion every say to cannot be short of 3 times early, mediumly, late.

Acrobatics is made an appointment with 3, 5 say, ministry of self-conscious heart nest has heavy feeling, to 10 say ministry of nest of or so heart has tepid feeling, accuse the first pace to finish namely, laid a foundation for the 2nd pace. Refine during this pace, the person that do not have acrobatics foundation, the likelihood appears dazed, lumbar acerbity backache, breath is factitious, the tongue is touched on palate is unaccustomed etc, these are the not close phenomena when drilling first, want to insist to drill by the requirement only, meet gradually practised, all sorts of factitious phenomena can disappear gradually. Drilling in this pace process, cold, appetite owes general taste empty beautiful, spirit is depressed person, but gradual appetite, spirit says brace up.

The 2nd pace: Meaning breath follows hasten of the pubic region

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Practice of law of result of the first pace comes every time when ministry of nest of expiratory and self-conscious heart is calorific, can meaning breath photograph is followed, at every time expiratory when, with meaning the nest that leave a heartShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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hot air current is down gradually outspread, one step by step incline to the pubic region (alvine inside) . But must notice relaxed nature, cannot beyond the mark intention and act too hastily. Such every say practise every skill 3 times, every time half hours or so, about 10 days or so, can at every time expiratory when appear the feeling of the pubic region of make known to lower levels of a thermal current. Can appear right now alvine in gurgle is phonic, arrow enrages grow in quantity, appetite is promotional, relieve oneself is unusual person gradually hasten is normal.

The exercise method that above is qigong of concerned China preserve one’s health introduces, cent of qigong of visible China preserve one’s health is acrobatics looks style, breath and idea, close result 3 measure, but receive work measure to be weighed particularly should, the person that need practices tries to repair refine and ginseng to realize, ability can comprehend the true Xiu Lian of China qigong. Actually in senile friend can practice more1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Qigong, enhance oneself constitution.

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