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To the option issue of athletic intensity, no matter who be cannot quite blind, because we know, the body circumstance of everybody each are not identical, the athletic intensity affirmation that suits so is different also, if blind moves, and the body that does not suit oneself, affirmative meeting lets him because of this get hurt, we are the face under place everybody introduces in detail, to the understanding of athletic intensity.

Athletic intensity how many

Have time and strength to the requirement of body activity two squareShanghai night net

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Face, how to master intensity to have bit of difficulty to blame major personage, here has a simple method to measure intensity:

1, activity of moderate strength body: The effort of degree waits in need and can accelerate a heartbeat apparently, activity when have asthma, but still can talk. If go quickly, dance, horticultural, housework, the bodyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Perspire slightly.

2, activity of high strenth body: Need tries hard in great quantities and cause breath hurried (cannot chat) with the heartbeat remarkable1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Accelerate, be like fast and ran, uphill walk / climb, ride a bicycle quickly, motion having oxygen, fast swim, athletics moves (football, tennis, badminton, basketball) etc, perspire apparent.

The intensity of activity of different type body because of the person different, also depend on individual before exercise a circumstance to reach its relatively healthy level.

Pass moderate strength or more the body activity of high strenth, suffer above allShanghai night net

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Of beneficial is function of lungs of human body heart rise. Function of alleged heart lungs, it is the lung that points to a person and heart, carry oxygen from inside air and carry oxygenShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The ability that to human body each place tries to use. The person with heart lungs nice function, can make motion lasts longer, and unapt very fast tired, also can make working hours longer, more businesslike. Heart lungs function is poorer person, easy exhaustion, spirit is dejected. Another when heart lungs function increases principal port depends on reducing heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic the incidence of a disease that waits for a disease.

Him assurance with OK and active campaign healthy, avoid a few precaution effectively to more diseases are affected and be harmed, but if you are not paid attention to, the right choice of athletic intensity, because pass,can let youForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Degree and pass the motion of intensity and got hurt, the friend that so the proposal moves each times, can abide by these athletic principle problems.

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