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Lotus root, unripe can eat, ripe also can eat, practice diversity, flavour is delicious. The mom of lactation, for darling, when having a thing, have more exquisite. Want a consideration, food has to lactescence without the influence, 2 want a consideration, food eats go down, among them battalion nurturance is divided, the growth to darling development, whether to have adverse effect. So, can lactation take lotus lotus root?

Can lactation take lotus lotus root

Lactation can take lotus root. Pleasant of flavour of lotus lotus root, contain a lot ofC of amylaceous, protein, vitamin and B1, and the inorganic salt such as calcic, phosphor, iron, lotus root flesh is digested easily, appropriate lactation is nourishing edible.

1, connect breast, stimulative lactescence. Lactation edible lotus root can be stomachic, help aid digestion, make lactescence, lactation edible lotus root won’t affect the quality of lactation, still conduce to the feed to darling.

Can lactation take lotus lotus root

2, hemostatic medicinal powder Yu. Lotus root contains many tannic acid, have contractive and hemal effect, can use hemostatic. Lotus root returns can cool blood, medicinal powder blood, the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks its are hemostatic andShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Do not leave Yu, the dietotherapy beautiful that is pyretic blood disease is tasted. LactationLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Period edible has very good health care effect to hemal disease.

Can lactation take lotus lotus root

3, beneficial blood gives birth to flesh. The nutrient value of lotus root is very high, contain a lot ofthe microelement such as iron, calcium, vegetable protein, vitamin and amylaceous content are very rich also, have apparent benefiting gas blood, enhance action of force of human body immunity. Reason traditional Chinese medical science weighs his: “Advocate the repose in filling, increase effort ” . Lactation edible can enhance immune power, have profit to mom and darling.

4, aperient stop have diarrhoea, be good at lienal appetizing. Mucus albumen and prandial fiber are contained in lotus lotus root, can with salt of the cholic acid inside human body, the cholesterol in food and triglyceride are united in wedlock, make its from the eduction in excrement and urine, reduce fat thereby kind absorb. Lotus lotus root sends out give a kind of distinct delicate fragrance, still contain tan to pledge, it is certain to have be good at lienal stop have diarrhoea action, can stomachic, promote digest, appetizing be good at in, be beneficial to gastric accept notLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Beautiful, the lactation mom of inappetence restores health.

Lactation has the way of lotus root

Soup of chop of lotus root of yam corn lotus practice

With makings: The pig is little 1, lotus root 250 grams, yam 250 grams, sweet corn 1, ginger 2, water 8 bowls.


1, chop behead, turn on the water in boil, rinse with clear water after foam of take out float and hematic water reserve.

2, hob piece is cut to reserve after yam dig skin.

3, flay of lotus lotus root cuts paragraph of clay that rinses Kong Li of clean lotus root.

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, sweet corn is cut, prepare 2 ginger.

5, chop, ginger and clear water enter a stockpot together in, conflagration is boiled. yam, lotus lotus root and corn put the stockpot that boils in, salt is added to flavor after small fire Bao turning 2 hours after be being burned can.

Small stick person:

1, lotus root still is helpful for be good at lienal beneficial stomach, embellish impetuous raises shade, travel blood changes silt, clear heat gives birth to breast.

2, chop pleasant is smooth, fill frail, strong bones and muscles, stew together with lotus root of yam, lotus, enrage sweet Xian Tian, it is the daily life of a family with a rich nutrition delicate Shang Pin.

Hand of pig of stew of lotus lotus root practice

With makings: Pig hoof 2, lotus root 1, salad oil a few, salt a few, green 2 paragraphs, ginger 6, cooking wine a few, unripe smoke right amount, often smoke right amount, fermented bean curd (red) right amount, pepper a few.


1, the chop after pig hoof washs defecate to manage clean becomes small, stripping and slicing of flay of lotus lotus root. Heat one boiler boiling water, add a few ginger and cooking wine, the hoof that put a pig goes in scald water. Next the drop after fish out is cleaned clean does water share.

2, the oil below hot pot, into green Jiang Pian is fried below sweet, put pig hoof simmer in water to two sides again small yellow. Transfer into salt, unripe smoke, often smoke, white sugar, fermented bean curd, fry to pig hoof chromatically even.

3, add clear water, water quantity just had done not have pig hoof to go. Lotus root piece falls after big baked wheaten cake leaves, small fire turns after be being burned again, the stew that build a shell is boiledForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Make an appointment with left and right sides of a hour.

4, open a lid to closeLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Season of a few pepper is increased after juice can.

Small stick person:

1, the quantity of heat of lotus lotus root and potato comparative, carbohydrate and adipose content are lower, protein quantity relatively potato is tallish.

2, vitamin and microelement are contained in lotus lotus root, especially the content of C of vitamin K, vitamin, iron and Potassium is higher.

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