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The grape is us one of common fruits in daily life, a lot of people like to eat very muchGo up newlyForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Grape. And the grape also has very high nutrition value, the grape contains a lot of vitamins, fight consenescence, enhance immune force to wait. And same bird’s nest also is to have very high nutrition value, take a tonic to build up health of bird’s nest grow colour. We know when to food has, be overcome, cannot eat at the same time, so can bird’s nest and grape eat together?

Can bird's nest and grape eat together

One, bird’s nest cannot eat together with what

1, bird’s nest cannot mix contain the food with enzymatic albumen to eat together: Be like pineapple, yangtao, papaya. Because precious bird’s nest acid is contained in bird’s nest, rich water-solubility protein is contained in bird’s nestA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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. And contain the food with enzymatic albumen to eat together, can decompose the protein in bird’s nest, destroy the nutrient value of bird’s nest, was Qianbubai spent.

Can bird's nest and grape eat together

2, bird’s nest cannot be mixed acidity food togetherSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Eat: Wait like citric, plum, hawkthorn. Bird’s nest and acidity food are fed together, the protein in can causing bird’s nest is caky, go against the absorption of human body.

3, bird’s nest shoulds not be and hot food eats together: Bird’s nest is precious cordial, suit relaxed food to eat together quite, take the responsibility that can increase intestines and stomach together with hot food, cause indigestion, go against the absorption of bird’s nest, I want to also do not have a person hotForum of Shanghai night net

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thing and bird’s nest eat together.

Can bird's nest and grape eat together

2, the grape cannot eat together with what

1, milk

Contain in the grape richForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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vitamin C, and the vitamin C that some composition in milk are met and contains in the grape forms chemical reaction, this meeting causes harm to the stomach, different is taken at the same time also meet have loose bowels, serious person still can vomit. So, ten million must not eat milk and grape lump. The vitamin that the grape contains is very rich, and still can promote metabolism, if eat together with milk, can bring about have loose bowels ah still have case of unwell of intestines and stomach, also can appear the problem of diarrhoea, had better not eat together so.

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