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Sesame seed cake is very common beside our, there also is the small vendor’s stand that sells sesame seed cake via regular meeting on the street. Sesame seed cake is brown Xian Xiang, and outside crisp in tender, let a person look to be able to have appetite very much. Actually, everybody fromFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Oneself is OK also in the home oneself make sesame seed cake, just need to master regular skill method, such ability make mouthfeel of sesame seed cake better. So, outside how making gift of sesame seed cake after all crisp in tender?

Outside how making sesame seed cake crisp in tender

Leaven dough cake, soft is soft good digest, be northerner is dailyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Staple food. Although won’t use old fertilizer, we also can make delicious cake come all the same with dry yeast.

At ordinary times we make leaven dough cake, always like to be done the old. The save trouble when the province, eating cool also. Actually I feel what make it confuses you is small more action person likes. The cake of small leaven dough that has made can be become staple food, outside also can eating when snacks; heat crisp in tender, cool eat to also grow has taste.

Material: Flour 200 grams, cold water 130 grams, white sugar 5 grams, yeasty 2.5 grams, green Chinese onion 2, sweetForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Bowel 1, lan the base of a fruit is fancy olive oil is squeezed first right amount, saline a few

Boiler provides: Make the same score bottom frying panLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The process that make:

1.200 grams flour enters a medium, 2.5 grams to do the cold water of yeasty, 130 grams, add one small white sugar to offer the nourishment; that ferments place needs for yeast again

2.Become garrulous state with chopstick agitate first, A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

A pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city
Again the hand kneads smoother dough, cheat last film, the place that is put in warmth undertakes the foundation ferments;

3.Dough barmy moment, will handle stuffing material: Banger, green Chinese onion prepares;

Outside how making sesame seed cake crisp in tender

4.Cut Cheng Xiaoding and broken end; respectively

5.Ferment good dough is 2.5 times original, lift dough, close and even stomatic shape; is shown below

6.Dough is taken out put on chopping board, scatter some of flour to prevent appropriately stick, roll is become thin about 2, the rectangular face of 3 millimeter piece;

7.Enter olive oil of right amount Lan the base of a fruit;

8.Wipe even; with the hand

9.Sprinkle dust of banger man, green in the; on face skin equably again

10.By below up roll into coils, heal holds severe;

11.Cut the small dose with even size with the knife child, my altogether cut 20;

12.On face of a tangent plane, press gently with the palm, into roundlet cake shape, quiet place 15 minutes of;

Outside how making sesame seed cake crisp in tender

13.Flat bottom frying pan sits on fire, enter olive oil of a few Lan the base of a fruit;

14.When oil is a little tepid, can put one part small cake into boiler, because be leaven dough, want put apart little to go up the clearance; of hair

15.In small fire, wait for underside to harden, cake some expand, can turn over face;

16.One cannikin water pours in past boiler, turn small fire;

17.Lid cap stew evaporates to lunt, inside cake completely ripe;

18.Open lid, medicinal powder lunt, let two sides crisp a few, can give boiler.

Small stick person:

1.Can change banger his meat stuffing;

2.Whole journeyForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Do not want conflagration, small fire and small fire are adjusted in, such ability let cake go up send very well, and completely ripe.

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