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The flavour of Chinese chestnut not only delicate, nutrition also is very rich, the practice of chestnut also is rife, chestnut can use direct edible, OK still and a lot of tie-inner feed capable person, make various delicate, chestnut although nutrient value is high, but in edible when have a few contraindication, with some food be cannot of an edible, nevertheless, chestnut and cherry are OKFall in love with the sea

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Eat together, eat together and can not affect healthy.

Can chestnut and cherry eat together

Chinese chestnut and what cannot eat together?

Chestnut nutrition is rich, vitamin C content is even higher than tomato, it is ten times of the apple more. In chestnut mineral very comprehensive also, potassium, zinc, iron waits, although content is high without filbert, but still get higher than the common fruit such as the apple much, contain potassium quantity to compare malic tower above especially 3 times much. Chinese chestnut joins course, can feed from tie-in other not only absorb in material delicate, won’t lose oneself again at the same time originally mouthfeel, because this is applied at dish widely,taste cooking.

1, Chinese chestnut + hotpot: Suffer from excessive internal heat, vomit

Chinese chestnut is to cannot be mixed hotpot a commensal, because of Chinese chestnut and hotpot they are both the food other people that all belongs to big hot sex, if the sentence of edible is very light at the same time,cause suffer from excessive internal heat oh. Moreover, both is stodgy, stew together fry in all not appropriate, eat possibly even to still can cause sickness together.

Can chestnut and cherry eat together

2, chestnut + bean curd: May bring about stone

Magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate is contained in bean curd these two kinds of material, and oxalic acid is contained in chestnut, two kinds of food are encountered can generate oxalic acid magnesium and oxalic acid calcium together. Of these two kinds of white sedimentary affect human body to absorb not onlyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Calcium is qualitative, and cause calculous disease easily still. Shanghai noble baby

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Manage together, bean curd also cannot be equal with bamboo shoot, wild rice stem, spinach eat.

3, Chinese chestnut + almond: Eat together can gastralgia

Chinese chestnut cannot eat together with almond, those who cause gastralgia is meet if eating together.

Because oil capacity is contained to cause celiac leak easily higher in almond, cannot eat together with Chinese chestnut so, almond belongs to hot sex food, have small poison, eat much the word is met injury and bones and muscles, cause old ill recrudesce, however the vitamin C that Chinese chestnut contains is more. Accordingly, if Chinese chestnut and almond commensal the word is met,appear stomachNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Painful phenomenon, if have the friend of stomach trouble so, still can make your stomach trouble has a relapse.

4, Chinese chestnut + beef: Abdominal distension vomiting indigestible

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The vitamin in chestnut is easy with beef medium microelement produces reaction, weaken the nutrient value of chestnut, and stodgy. Beef sex is lukewarm, it has filling taste strong the effect; that the lumbar foot, beneficial in filling enrages and Chinese chestnut is belonged to salty and lukewarm, have filling kidney gas, beneficial to enrage the action of thick intestines and stomach.

Can chestnut and cherry eat together

Sheet looks from alimental property of a medicine both if but will look from nutrient composition,doing not have contradictory; , vitamin C is contained a lot ofin Chinese chestnut, the vitamin C of 40 milligram is contained in Chinese chestnut of every 100 grams. However, vitamin of the carotene that contains in beef, B a group of things with common features still has fatty acid. Medium vitamin C meets Chinese chestnut produce chemical reaction with the microelement in beef, desertioned thereby the nutrient value with original Chinese chestnut. And, edible Chinese chestnut and beef can cause the symptom with abdominal distension indigestible vomiting. Reason beef is unfavorable feed in all with chestnut, best and removed period of time, apart edible.

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